VW Says Dedicated to US, Invests in Tennesdee Plant

In an indication of self belief in spite of emerging friction on global business, Volkswagen will make investments any other $340 million to construct SUVs at its Chattanooga, Tennessee plant, the corporate introduced March 19. VW  mentioned the finances will pass against beefing up the plant to construct further Atlas recreation application cars geared against the […]

PlantPAx DCS Roadmap Helps Smarter, Extra Safe and Productive Proc

Virtual transformation in procedure operations calls for seamless and protected connectivity between the instrument and the endeavor. The PlantPAx distributed control system (DCS) from Rockwell Automation has lengthy helped make this connectivity conceivable thru its alignment with plant-wide automation era and use of open conversation requirements. Now, Rockwell Automation is revealing new improvements coming to the […]